The Mercy Mile

The Mercy Mile, a soul rock band from Urmston came to Davenports Media for a brand new website. We sat down with them to see what they already had, which was a logo and promotional items for their upcoming gigs.

The goal was to make this page eye-catching and to tell the viewer exactly what the band is all about. We had them send over some of their photography shot that they had done. We edited these to fit in with the style of the band. Black was a colour which we wanted to push forward because we thought this would make the photography stand out and give it the feel that we wanted.

The band were really keen to add their music onto the page, with a link to the platforms it was uploaded onto. We linked two of their videos and their Soundcloud account. This will push traffic through and allow more people to hear their music.

We also put together a plan for the SEO aspect of the website. With them playing at a well talked about festival, we wanted to maximise page views. We loved doing this website and both Davenports and The Mercy Mile were really happy with it.

We will work closely together the more the band grow.

Give the lads a listen below!


Click here to head over to their page!

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