Questions to ask your client before designing a logo.

So you have a client looking for a new logo. For us creatives it is very hard not to rush to the drawing board and start coming up with loads of ideas. However, this method will have you heading for a designer’s block.  First you need to sit down with your client and get to know more about them and their business. Here we have put together a list of questions to ask your client before designing a logo

1. What is your business?

It seems a pretty obvious question. This is when you will you will find out everything there is to know about their business. From the name to what services or products they offer. Getting someone to describe their business is the best way to get those initial ideas. The client will be used to talking about their business so shouldn’t be lost for words. Write down as much as you can, you will need this later.

2. Who is your target audience?

Find out who it is they are selling to – this is vital. You don’t want to be creating a logo which hits the wrong age group. Finding out their perfect target audience informs every decision you make and should always be a the forefront of your mind in the design process.

3. What is your company’s message?

Asking a client to describe what message they want their company to say will inform you on a lot of things. It will tell you everything from which style and colour scheme to go for. Ask them for keywords which you can use to inform you design decisions more. Example keywords would be things like ‘elegance’, ‘happiness’ and ‘fun’. Keywords can be particularly helpful when choosing your colour scheme.

4. Which logos do you like ?

Normally a client will have some idea of the kind of logos they like. Take down as many notes and research into the ones they say. Ask them which elements they like about the logos so you can incorporate that into your own design. It’s also a great idea to ask about logos which they don’t like so you can avoid doing something similar.

5. Who are your main competitors?

Now you don’t ask this because you want to copy their competitors work. By asking a client who their competitors are it allows you to research more into them. Take not of the style and colour schemes competitors frequently use and use this knowledge to create a design which will stand out from that.

6. Do you have any colour preferences of existing brand colours?

A client may come to you with an existing brand that they just want revamping with an already established colour scheme, unless they want a complete overhaul then you’re gonna have to creating something using these.

Knowing which colours a client likes can help you guide them to a colour palette that not only works but is something which they like.

7. Do you have a slogan?

If a client says that they have a tagline or slogan we know were probably going to be merging two fonts. This has to be done very carefully as the two fonts have to work together harmoniously.

If there is a slogan we need to plan your logo twice , one with a slogan and one without.

8. What is your time frame for this work to be completed?

Finally, It is important to know when the client wants the work done for so you can fit it in to your schedule and hit the deadline. A great logo can take anywhere from a week to four. It is important that you spend the right amount of time getting the logo perfect. A logo is a solution which needs a lot of thought and detail put into it.

Depending on what needs to be in the log will change how long it takes to complete, but hopefully you have a rough idea after asking the questions before.

If you’re a business who is looking for a logo get in touch with us today. head over to our contact page here.

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