Mailchimp gets a redesign.

Mailchimps previous branding. Credit Mailchimp

Established in 2001, Mailchimp is a marketing platform for small businesses and in September of this year they unveiled a new identity, designed by the San Francisco office of COLLINS and Mailchimp’s in-house design team.

The first big change that you notice is the new brand colour, Cavendish yellow. I am so happy that yellow is becoming a colour that’s being taken seriously in design recently, not only in graphic design but across the board.

Cavendish yellow

Cooper light has been introduced as the brands new typeface with Cooper Black as its starting point. In Collins own word they have replaced the “previous script logotype with a new, chunky, slightly off-kilter wordmark that’s designed to better connect with a more simplified Freddie”. The last typeface was scripted and although we love it, everything needs updating after a while. The new type direction is definitely a step forward for this brand.

Mailchimps brand guidelines. Credit Mailchimp

Which bring me onto my next point, Mailchimp’s mascot Freddie has had a makeover and he is looking more sharp and clean. I think this was a great move by the brand and sets an example to other companies looking for a rebrand.

Freddie has a new look. Credit Mailchimp

I think the favourite part of the rebranding is the introduction of surrealism within its new illustrations. It stands out well and with them being black line drawings and they work well overlaid onto any colour.. except black of course.

New surreal illustrations brings the brand to 2018. Credit Mailchimp

Mailchimp has really pushed the boundaries with their redesign, its professional, sleek and stands out in the digital world. Big congrats guys!

If you are a small business or startup which needs branding, do not hesitate to contact us here! 

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