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You need to concentrate on the success of your business, so if you are not a web or print specialist then you will need help with a range of online, social media, web, design, and print services.
For us it boils down to a simple partnership – in business you need to be doing what you feel is the most efficient use of your skills; your time and your money. Davenports stand behind you supplying dependable web, design and print services to take away the unnecessary burdens that could eat up your time, test your patience or create stress. Lean on us, we’ll willingly take the strain!

We are an ethical company, adopting electronic solutions to help reduce waste, promote energy efficiency and limit our personal and business carbon footprint. We also select ethical suppliers wherever we can.

We believe you should be able to speak to someone if you have an enquiry or concern. We can be reached by phone, email or web enquiry form during working hours. We will aim to respond to written contact from our customers within one working day and when we call we will give you a resolution deadline wherever possible.

Here’s a few things we know are of value, so, given the choice which would you choose?

  • We can speak to you in plain English or in or technical speak.
  • A friendly, competitively priced and cost effective service offering.
  • We work for companies of all shapes and sizes.
  • Full time assistance, part time help or supplemental service offering.
  • All our staff are qualified, trained and fully employed by us. (no contractors or freelancers)
  • Fully integrated up to the minute computers and software.
  • If you think you need something and its not on this list or that’s a little unusual – ask us… our willingness to help is definitely one of things that makes us different!

Every business needs marketing whether online or in print. With the increasing importance of the internet, your business cannot afford not to have a website and social media involvement.

But finding reliable companies to carry out these services for you can be a hassle, and persuading your website company to use the design your graphic design company used for your latest leaflets can be a nightmare.

Why put yourself through all that trouble when Davenports Media offers all the necessary media services under one roof? Davenports Media is the ideal place to go when you need all your services in one place – hassle free.

Because the departments are highly connected, your web manager knows exactly what your latest advertising campaign will be – and will be able to advise you of the best way to make use of this on the web.

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