Graphic Design Trends for 2019.

Which trends will be taking 2019 by storm?

As most of you have already noticed, the world of digital has took a colourful turn over 2018 with the rise of gradients, monochrome and double light artwork taking the industry by storm, but which design trends will be 2019’s front runners? Here are our top 5 graphic design trends of 2019

1. The Wave Effect

This trend has been seen a lot this year. Using a image which is purposely damaged has become a style which a lot of companies have been adopting. A few years back the was a massive rise in ‘glitch art’ with artists such as Rob Sheridan being at the forefront of it.

Image Credit: Rob Sheridan 

These wave effect images teamed up with experimental type will no doubt be making more of a name of itself in 2019.

Image Credit: Elsa Rodrigues

2. Double Light

This trend has been about for some time, but this year it saw double lighting take a more digital approach rather than using two actual light sources.

This trend is simple to create but kicks a powerful punch when using this in a design composition.

3. Monochromatic

One of our favourites this year, especially with product advertising. Making a product look like it has effortlessly come out of the background using the same colour looks sharp and professional and we can not wait to see how this trend develops over the next year. Have a look at our Monochromatic GIFs we illustrated over on the homepage

4. Digital Hand Drawing 

The long loved and used brushes which come within programmes such as Photoshop and Illustrator seem to have had their day. Hand drawings which as transferred to digital platforms are taking over, achieving some really nice effects, we are in no doubt that this trend will continue long into 2019.

Image Credit: Sirōko Studio

A design team that is really standing out at the moment is Sirōko Studio, they have some really amazing work and a range of styles that fit everyone.

5. Gradients

Last but certainly not least is gradients we love them! in the past couple of years gradients have felt dated, with them being the butt of many a design joke. Well they’re back and are offering up some amazing looks which are easily achievable. In 2018 we saw them being used quite a lot, mostly two-tone. We feel like this will be in big demand by clients in the coming year.

Image Credit: Studio Fable

There you have it, the top graphic design trends for 2019. Do you think our predictions will be right? We will be sure to update you as the year goes on, happy designing! 

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