Top 10 fonts you need to know.

Sometimes you have the perfect design in your head, you lay down your colour scheme and design material and then you add your text, but no matter how many times you change it, your font is letting you down. Here we have compiled a list the top 10 fonts which you should know so your branding can flourish and grab the right kind of attention.

Font 1. Futura

We can guarantee that you have seen Futura in a design piece, we love it. Based on Geometric shapes its a firm favourite of many. A lot of designers rave about how perfect it is for small text, which is something people can struggle with.

It has also stood the test of time as it was designed and released in 1927, becoming the representative for the Bauhaus era. Many have argued that this font is as popular if not more than helvetica – but we will leave that for you to decide.

You can see the inspiration that Futura has left on the world, with brands such as Calvin Klein and Dolce and Gabbana taking the minimum geometric aspect for their logos.

Image Credit: Dolce & Gabbana

We really love this font here at Davenports, long may it reign.

Font 2. Didot

A firm favourite in the fashion industry, Didot was founded in 1799. You may have recognised it from the Giorgio Armani logo and on TV’s America’s Next Top Model, where it is teamed nicely with a simple sans serif font.

Image Credit: America’s Next Top Model

Create a type design with Didot using contrasting colours and you start to see the kind of potential it has.

Font 3. Neo Sans 

Created in 2004, this font has created futuristic waves in the design industry. Created by Sebastian Lebster, if you haven’t checked out his work, you probably should here.

Image credit: Seb Lester

Neo Sans has been used by some major companies including ITV, Kia Motors and The British Labour Party. It’s a really simple but effective font and we think it works really well when it comes to your companies advertising.

Font 4. Helvetica

Now this is a font that we are sure everyone knows, it’s everywhere. Helvetica shot to fame for its versatility, it can be used on almost any piece of design (we said almost). It is a great typeface to use if you’re new to designing as it makes it look like you know what you’re doing a lot more than you actually do, trust me.

Logos using Helvetica

Some of the brands who have used Helvetica in their branding and logos are companies such as Panasonic, American Apparel, and Toyota, and these are to just name a few.

Font 5. FF Din

Created by Albert-Jan Pool, it became one of his best-selling typefaces and we can see why. This font greets you with a positive and welcoming vibe and would look great as part of your companies branding.

Image Credit: erste liebe bar, Hamburg

It is very similar to Helvetica. This would be a great choice for people who want the familiarity of Helvetica but with a more modern and current vibe. A firm favourite of everyone here at the office.

You can buy FF Din here.

Font 6. Foco

This is one for the food lovers. This font packs a punch and is guaranteed to make your business branding almost edible. With is cute and fun vibe we can see why this works in a lot of food businesses. We really like how this font experiments with the balance between soft and sharp corners, it’s a really interesting concept and one to add to your list.

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Font 7. Brandon Grotesque

This font has grabbed our attention more recently. It’s a compact sans serif that really knows how to make something look sleek and professional. The lack of x-height adds to the stylish vibe we could see any budding Gin company grabbing with both hands. It may also be recognised as the Comedy Central logo, but it’s definitely not one to laugh at.

Image Credit: Comedy Central

Font 8. Bambusa Pro

We know that the handwritten vibe is all the rage these days, especially with places such as salons and boutiques. It’s no surprise why with this font. This cursive font lets you stay digital without having to pick up a pen and paper, which is one of the reasons why we love it so much.

Image Credit:

You can grab this font from here.

Font 9. Bodoni

Created in the late 1700s this font is definitely not to be messed with. It was designed at a time where designers were experimenting between the thick and thin, and we are glad they did. This font shows that experiment to the extreme, and the gamble really paid off. Its no surprise why it made our list of the top 10 fonts.

Image Credit: Vogue

One of the most famous logos which use this font is Vogue. It is now in almost every high end fashion company’s branding.

This font would guarantee your brand to look stylish and elegant with a look that is simply timeless.

Font 10. Proxima Nova 

This font is definitely one to choose if your business is based around social media. It bases geometric shapes with current proportion trends. As seen on sites such as Spotify and Twitter Music.

Image Credit: Spotify

We’re sure that using one of these top 10 fonts in your branding will take your company’s look from strength to strength. If you need Davenports to handle your branding for your business head over to our contact page here. Why not pop into our office in Manchester? We make a cracking brew.

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