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The Oxford Distribution Company

We were approached by The Oxford Distribution Company, a flyer distribution company that target Oxfordshire and Lancashire. There website needed a revamp as it was old fashioned and wasn't really selling the company and their services. We thought a simple illustrative style would work really well for them, and we have noticed a trend for this recently. We stripped the whole website back and gave it a kore organic feel, intorducing the colours from their logo into nice clean illustrations that really make the website stand out. We removed the online shop and made the navigation of the website a lot easier to get around.



The site is now clean, professional and responsive, working on all devices. It also shows exactly what the company is offering and easily allows the customer to get in touch to discuss anything. To find out more about The Oxford Distribution Company and to have a look at their new website click here.

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Social Media Branding

Why is Social Media important to business?

If our clients are not on social media, we actively encourage them to take the jump. Its really important. Most people now shop through social media so its a great way to get a new client base. Social media allows you to target a larger audience than traditional methods would, giving you a bigger return. Social Media is one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can use, and if used correctly, you can see your business grow at a rapid rate.


How can we help?

Okay, so you have your business and your ready to get into the world of Social Media, but where to start? Don’t panic, thats where we come to the rescue. We can set your profiles up for you, brand the whole look of them so your platforms look smart and professional. Our team will be dedicated in making sure that you put the best foot forward.

Client Studies

  • Benjamin Kiff is a photographer, he was set up a Facebook profile, the design team then branded his social media. Check his Facebook out here.


  • Lee Butterworth, a plumbing and electrical contractor decided to take the leap onto social media. See his Facebook here, branded by us.


If you think that you would like to start advertising your business on social media, or you need to completely revamp the social media platforms that you have, get in touch! Click Here to be taken to our contact page where you can send us an enquiry.



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Roger Cowdrey Business Cards

We were approached by Roger Cowdrey, an International Business Consultant, Author and Motivational Speaker for new business cards for himself. We initially looked into the kind of person he was, what his business was about. We noticed that travel was a big part of his work, so we began to think about geometric shapes and how we could take aspects of them and produce a professional looking business card.

We watched his Ted x talk, which gave us more insight into his personality and work ethic, We noticed that in each of his speeches he uses the term ‘Remember the Bumblebee…’ a saying which highlights the fact that a Bee technically shouldn’t be able to fly with his body shape and weight. Thats when we combined geometric patterns from mountains into the bee hive pattern and came up with this concept.

These business cards were then printed onto plastic business cards, which was the most suitable option for a client who travelled a lot.

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